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We began with traffic signals over forty years ago and today signals and lights are still at the centre of our product line.  We built upon our traffic signal line to become the number one manufacturer of traffic products in Canada and a top-tier leader in North America’s Premier traffic industry.  We continue to expand our signal offerings while maintaining the exacting standards we have held ourselves to from the start.

Forged amongst the backdrop of the notoriously harsh Canadian climate, our Traffic signals are notoriously tough and resilient. They have a reputation as harsh weather- ready: designed to with stand some of the toughest conditions and keep going season after season, year after year. The proof can be seen across countless intersections in North America where our products have been installed.

Manufacturing A Quality Traffic Light

All of our traffic signal products Are:

Built For YOU:
Our signal products are designed using a “Building Block” approach – individual signal housings can be quickly and easily combined to meet your specific signaling requirements.
Crafted from the Finest Materials:
We build our products from an impact resistant, flame retardant, UV stabilized polycarbonate material that's also incredibly lightweight. Our signals are all supported with stainless steel hardware throughout for maximum tenacity and strength.
Tested To Withstand Severe Weather
Not only do all of our Signal products exceed ITE Specifications but they are designed to withstand severe weather conditions, and go through a rigorous testing process to make sure they meet our strict quality standards.

Traffic Signal Heads

Our signal heads , made of a special stabilized polycarbonate, have been installed in countless intersections across North America and are highly respected in the traffic industry worldwide.

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LED Signal Lights

Learn more about our wide variety of High-Flux LEDs; Balls, Arrows, Countdowns, Hand Mans and Bicycles. We carry a multitude of sizes and configurations to suit your traffic signal needs

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Traffic Hardware

We supply and manufacture the highest quality sign and signal hardware in the industry. We carry an extensive line of hardware catering to a wide variety of specifications and solutions. Learn why our hardware is easier, sturdier and safer than our competition.

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Traffic Accessories

As a ' Total Solutions' traffic equipment manufacturer we offer a wide variety of accessories ;From snow shields to visors, signal accessories are affordable additions to increase signal safety and decrease maintenance.

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Are you switching your traffic signal heads from outdated aluminum to modern polycarbonate and steel alternatives?

UV stable, lightweight, impact resistant and flame retardant polycarbonate is our standard for a reason. They are so tough even the paint won't peel.  Our signals are the best polycarbonate traffic signals on the market.

Example: Polycarbonate Traffic Signal

In addition to a housing of ultra strong polycarbonate, each section of the signal is weather sealed. We use a bottom drip shield to prevent water infiltration, and neoprene gaskets on both door and lens completely seal the interior of the traffic signal head. We even prevent moisture and dirt from entering by using a dual latch and hinged design. Like all of our traffic products, these are built to last.

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