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As the number one manufacturer and distributor of traffic signals, and traffic lights, in Canada, Fortran has offered the traffic industry high quality products and outstanding service since 1979. We are both a traffic equipment manufacturer and a trusted distributor of a wide variety of traffic products; traffic signals, signal heads, traffic lights, traffic signal controllers, controller systems, solar powered beacons, school zone products, and warning/ message signs. Whatever your traffic equipment needs, Fortran is here to provide. The traffic industry is changing and we strive to be at the forefront of this evolution. We have invested in research & development and as a result, many innovative traffic technologies have been created in-house.

Fortran Manufactured Traffic Signal LEDs assembled.


Over the past twenty years,  our high quality signal heads have been installed in thousands of intersections across North America. Our signals and accessories including the CAN-BRAC ™  line of mounting brackets are expertly designed for strength and longevity.

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Traffic Controllers

Fortran understands the importance of traffic control equipment to a seamless traffic plan. We are proud to manufacture traffic signal controllers and controller systems in-house.

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Wavetronix Detection system available from Fortran


The Wavetronix SmartSensor™ Matrix is a stop bar presence detector designed for use at signalized intersections. The SmartSensor Matrix detects vehicle demand through the use of a 24.125 GHz (K band) operating radio frequency.

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Stats from our traffic management system.


Fortran’s Flux is a suite of mobility management solutions designed to improve multi-modal mobility performance, safety and user satisfaction and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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The Impact of Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Technology on Traffic Control

Improve traffic safety and efficiency with Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) technology. V2I allows vehicles to communicate with traffic lights, signs, and road sensors, providing real-time information on traffic conditions, weather, and road hazards. This information enables vehicles to adjust their speed and behavior to reduce congestion, improve safety, and enhance mobility. Discover the benefits and challenges of V2I technology, including cost, standardization, and policy hurdles, as we explore real-world examples of V2I in action.

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