Fortran launches Next Generation Advanced Transportation Management System

Fortran introduces ARIA Advanced Transportation Management System that represents Fortran’s next generation of hybrid central systems. The centerpiece component of Aria is a reliable, comprehensive, integrated real-time centralized Traffic Signal Control System. It provides an integrated platform for ITS initiatives including traffic signal control, information management, and graphical data display and manipulation.

Aria is an open platform system that delivers high availability, scalability, and security along with extensive traffic control capabilities. It centers around a modular and easy-to-use modern web-based user interface that enables access to system from any platform.

Support for standard communication protocols (NTCIP) and design flexibility enable Aria to be extended to manage other ITS applications and related data with minimal impact on existing system components.

Aria is a time-proven product with more than two decades of ongoing product advancement that has enabled it to adapt to changes in technology and the industry as well as to meet new traffic challenges as they continue to evolve.