OSIA ensures customer satisfaction with our Field Technician experts.

The On Site Initialization Assistance (OSIA) is one of many ways that Fortran goes above and beyond to ensure that the customer is satisfied with their product. This services that we offer to our customers is what sets us apart from other traffic solution providers.

Our Field Technicians are factory trained and with their expert knowledge and experience, our qualified Field Technicians ensure that each installation is accurately configured and tailored to customer specifications. Optimal and dependable long term product performance is the goal.

With OSIA, Fortran can provide direct training for the customer on-site to help familiarize them with the product and arm them with the knowledge they need to independently initialize future installations. However, we are always there if help is needed! We permanently have a Fortran face in the field to help our customers thoughts or concerns, wherever and whenever they might need it.