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Snow Problems Keep Sticking Around
December 23, 2009

Latest News on LEDs not melting snow:

LED traffic lights could pose winter driving risk (video) - Updated Jan 11, 2010

Stoplights' Unusual, Potentially Deadly Winter Problem (video) - Updated Jan 11, 2010

Winter hazard in new LED signals  - Updated Dec 30, 2009

Allison drapes traffic lights in snow (video)

Unintended Consequence of Technology: New LED traffic lights can't melt snow

Energy-efficient traffic signals not melting snow

The Problem With LED Traffic Lights: They Can't Melt Snow

As you can see, it is a well known fact that reducing snow and ice build-up on LED modules is a safety issue for both motorists and pedestrians. Incandescent signals generate enough heat to minimize the build-up of snow on the lens whereas LEDs do not. Fortran’s Patent Pending "SNOW SENTRY™" is the first device specifically designed to address the potentially dangerous effect of snow build-up on LED Lenses. Contact Fortran Sales for more information.


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